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We are proud to meet all your needs that's why offer many services like: Passenger rides; Parcels; Special out-of-town rates; Commercial accounts; Insurance company accounts; Airport services; ANY TIME ,ANY WHERE, FAST AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE.

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Taxi Tariffs ByLaw:

No person shall charge any rate or fare for the conveyance of passengers by a taxicab within the City or to a point not more than 5 kilometres beyond its limits except in accordance with the following:
a) for the first 1/10 kilometer or part thereof - $3.25
b) for each additional 1/10 kilometer or part thereof - $0.25
c waiting time $30.00 per hour. Such time shall be calculated from the time of pickup of the first passenger to the time of discharge of the taxicab of the last passenger.

You can use Google Maps to calculate the distances. Quick reference: 1st km is $5.50 and $2.50 for every km after that.

Prices not including time

2.5km   $9.25
5km    $15.50
7.5km  $21.75
10km   $28.00
12.5km $34.25

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All Drivers & Brokers are welcome to join our fleet after a background check and then benefit from our very low lease rates.

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